Automatic Vehicle

Police Welfare Driving School has put together some reasons why Automatic Driving or Intensive Automatic Driving Course might be right for you.


  • Youll gain more confidence as you’re not going to stall an automatic car
  • There is no clutch control or biting point to master
  • You don’t need to change gear or worry about what gear to be in
  • More time to focus on the task of driving and all around the observation
  • More time to focus on the road ahead, planning and anticipation
  • Better suited to stop/start urban driving especially in metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
  • Learn faster as you’ll need less automatic driving lessons
  • Less driving faults to make on your driving test

Stress-free learning with automatic driving or Intensive automatic driving course

Some people struggle to learn how to coordinate the clutch, gears and accelerator. This often leads to them stalling the car or bunny hopping down the road or the car rolls back. This can be very frustrating and stressful, making learning to drive more difficult.

Taking driving or an Intensive driving course in an automatic car with a Police Welfare Driving School instructor will make learning to drive a lot less stressful, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence.

Quality Automatic Driving for Under Training Drivers

Police Welfare Driving School has taught thousands of under training drivers over the years. Some have come to us because they were unable to get quality automatic driving from other driving schools or they have tried manual driving and could not master the coordination of controls which has led to them losing their confidence and becoming nervous about learning to drive.

After coming to Police Welfare Driving School, pupils have found that our patient and understanding automatic driving instructors have helped them to not only regain their confidence and ease their nerves; they have helped them pass the driving test and enjoy the freedom that having a driving license brings.