Practical Classes

What you'll learn

  • Make very less number of faults during your practical classes and in your practical test. Pass within shorter times and with less number of attempts
  • Understand the reasons/capabilities behind common driving mistakes


This course is for primarily for people planning to take the pakistan's practical driving test. This course will teach you in a very structured and algorithmic way to pass the pakistan's Practical Driving Test. As for now this course is created with mainly for manual driving in mind.  However, the course can be used for automatic driving also

Following are the most important aspects of the course.

Comprehensiveness - This course attempts to be as comprehensive as possible within the limits of what is expected of the learner in a practical test scenario. It does so on two fronts

  • It addresses how to drive the car in most common situations encountered during practical test 
  • Brings everything into one place rather than having to visit multiple sites and many videos

Non verbal and psychological - It also addresses extensively the psychological and / or non verbal aspects of driving

Failures and Capabilities - During practical lessons, mock test, the learner is often told about the mistakes they make. In the practical test the marking conveys the failures However, seldom there is an attempt to understand the reason behind these failures. All the more unknown is how to eradicate them. This course attempts to do just that.

  • It identify key capabilities that give rise to the failures
  • It gives measures to remedy them