At the end we conduct driving test (also known as a driving exam, driver's test, or road test) which is a procedure to test a person's ability to drive a motor vehicle. Driving test generally consists of one or two parts: the practical test, called a road test, used to assess a person's driving ability under normal operating conditions, and/or a written or oral test (theory test) to confirm a person's knowledge of driving and relevant rules and laws.


According to our Police Welfare Driving School, the practical test includes driving on the public, open road as well as different maneuverability test, which are usually carried out in a controlled environment such as:

  • driving back and forth through a set of traffic signs
  • reversing around a corner or into a parking space
  • Turning and leaving controlled junctions with trailer and/or with an extra one for multi-rig road trains
  • emergency stops or evasive maneuvers
  • Parallel Parking (with a maximum of 2 separate forward movements)
  • Reverse Angled parking cars
  • Three-Points turns (in 3 movements)
  • Uphill starts, downhill curbside parking with gear shifts
  • Gear shifts moving off green lights (manual cars)
  • Lane changes
  • Entering and leaving intersections (from give ways, stop signs, roundabouts)